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Why hide your business or ideas under a rock or within a locality. With our beautiful and elegantly website designs we can take your organisation, business or blog to a higher stage. Get your organisation and business internationally accessible. Attract

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Having a website that represents your organisation, business or write-ups is a good thing today, but with the lots of similar enterprises and business your online information would not be accessed by a lot of potential clients, readers or investors.

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Social media is fast becoming the platform to view instant news, information or advertised products and services. With AMKA Social media branding we provide the thinking, evidence, and practice to create a road map for practitioners in small businesses to

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  • Social Media Community?

    Social Media Community?

    There are lots of ways of viewing a social media community but let’s start with a purely functional perspective. Well really it is just an Internet-based application based on three simple principles. First, it can be deployed across many devices.Read More »
  • The goal of your website

    The goal of your website

    The design, style, and features of your website should be dictated by your goal. If your site is to be a destination site for instant sales or sign-ups, you want a website design more in the style of a single-purposeRead More »
  • Organic Vs Paid-For

    Organic Vs Paid-For

    Thirty-three percent of Internet users perceive a company in the top search engine rankings to be a major brand.(iProspect search engine branding survey: Pay for It, You Will I’m not against paid-for listings, not at all. A good AdWordsRead More »
Featured Page

Featured Page

Once you have built your website and started promoting it, you’ll want to monitor your progress to ensure that your hard work is yielding both high rankings, search engine visibility, and web traffic. In this blog, we’ll see a range

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Thanks for all the Help

I just want to say that AMKA really did a great job in bringing up my blog [] enabling me extend my environmental works to the world...

Suzanne M. Blogger

Beautiful Work!

Ever since we got AMKA to promote our business using their website design expertise, we are getting a lot of clients. []

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