There are lots of ways of viewing a social media community but let’s start with a purely functional perspective. Well really it is just an Internet-based application based on three simple principles. First, it can be deployed across many devices. So long as it can connect to the Internet then I am in
business. Second, it must seamlessly connect people. Not randomly, but with people that are part of their community. Finally, it must be able to
facilitate the creation and exchange of many types of customer generated content. Yes, even that photo of your cat smiling!

Social Media Community?
SMC = C ± C ± E
CCE is Content, Community, Exchange

The important principles here are threefold; content, community, and exchange, or CCE. Technology isn’t the key issue here. A social media community exists because the community wants to exchange content. So, lucky for Fox we want to share our Simpsons pictures with our community. But the reality is that social media community is one of those stupid realizations that CCE is what people just do anyway.

However, your brands have gotten confused because social media communities are just treated like additional sales or advertising channels. You just have to look at the debate that surrounded Facebook when it listed in 2012. Most of the discussion about the business was focused on advertising revenue. Such a view is the polar opposite of CCE. In fact it is cold. Some have bucked the trend and understand that CCE means that stakeholders want to acquire knowledge and branding experiences within social media. But most of all they want to take control of your brands source of value themselves. Social media communities have transformed consumers from the passive to the noisy riotous community into linking places where brands that are valued support social engagement and community.

Source: (Digital and social media marketing and advertising collection) Davis, Robert-Social media branding for small business _ the 5-sources model _ a manifesto for your branding revolution-Business Expert

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Social Media Community?

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